Marine Search & Salvage
Watch Glen Gilbert and his team find the World War II Submarine H.M.S. P514 off the coast of NewFoundland
341 Myra Road, Porters Lake, Nova Scotia B3E 1G2, CANADA
Telephone: 902-827-4200, Fax: 902-827-2002
  • Sonar Searches for: Shipwrecks, Planes,
  • Unexploded Ordinance (UXO), & Lost Artifacts
  • Underwater Drop Video or ROV Confirmation
  • Magnetometer Search for Ferrous Materials
  • Precise Recovery Grid Mapping for Salvage
CSR has extensive experience performing high level mapping projects for marine search operations around the world. We are very proud to have been selected for the Swiss Air 111 crash site investigations as the lead seafloor mapping and recovery contractor.