The objectives of the surveys
were to locate the wreck or sea-dumped munitions sites, determine their condition, assess the nature of biological and geological habitats and confirm whether UXO could be identified in the surrounding seabed sediments. This data was then used to perform a unique Risk Assessment for each site.
Marine UXO Surveys
Watch Glen Gilbert and his team find the World War II Submarine H.M.S. P514 off the coast of NewFoundland
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CSR, a privately held marine survey company based in Nova Scotia, mobilized a vast array of geophysical gear including sonar, magnetometer, subbottom profiler, underwater video, ROV and sediment sampling equipment to collect data at each of the targeted sites. In addition, a safety protocol was established for sampling operations where live munitions could be brought onboard.
Canadian Seabed Research Ltd. are pleased to announce the recent completion of four survey contracts for the Dept. of National Defence to locate subsea unexploded ordnance from lost warships and sea-dumped munitions from WWII. The work included 18 sites all over Atlantic Canada in waters depths ranging from 10-450 meters.