Watch Glen Gilbert and his team find the World War II Submarine H.M.S. P514 off the coast of NewFoundland
CSR receives award from Natural Resources Canada
November, 2011
  Canadian Seabed Research is a part of an award winning team which produced the State of Knowledge: Beaufort Sea Seabed Geohazards Associated with Offshore Hydrocarbon Development report for the National Energy Board Arctic Offshore Drilling Review.

Natural Resources Canada’s Earth Science Sector has recognized the collaborators’ efforts with the 2011 Team Recognition Award which was awarded in on November 29, 2011 in Ottawa.

Canadian Seabed Research has over 20 years of experience with geohazard surveys in the Beaufort Sea and was one of the main contributors to this report and provided much of the report compilation and editing. The report contains information regarding hazards, risks and safety measures associated with offshore drilling in the Canadian Arctic. The National Energy Board will use the results of the review to inform its decisions on future applications for offshore drilling in the Arctic.
Canadian Survey Company Maps WWII Shipwrecks for UXO
In the March 2006 issue of Sea Technology Magazine
  Canadian Seabed Research Ltd. are pleased to announce the recent completion of four survey contracts for the Dept. of National Defence to locate subsea unexploded ordnance from lost warships and sea-dumped munitions from WWII. The work included 18 sites all over Atlantic Canada in waters depths ranging from 10-450 meters.

CSR, a privately held marine survey company based in Nova Scotia, mobilized a vast array of geophysical gear including sonar, magnetometer, subbottom profiler, underwater video, ROV and sediment sampling equipment to collect data at each of the targeted sites.  In addition, a safety protocol was established for sampling operations where live munitions could be brought onboard.

The objectives of the surveys were to locate the wreck or sea-dumped munition sites, determine their condition, assess the nature of biological and geological habitats and confirm whether UXO could be identified in the surrounding seabed sediments.  This data was then used to perform a unique Risk Assessment for each site.
CSR Celebrates 20 Years of Excellence
  2005 marks Canadian Seabed Research Ltd.'s 20th year in operation. Throughout the years, the company has excelled in their field, developing a solid reputation for achieving the highest quality results. Their success has been based on careful project planning, the use innovative equipment, and the unique experience their professional team brings to project interpretation and reporting.
CSR Brings Industry Science to the Schools  
  Who isn't going to be captivated by a hunt for a sunken UFO (unidentified flying objects) or underwater images of the Titanic? This is precisely the approach Canadian Seabed Research Ltd. president Glen Gilbert took while addressing a class of grade three students at O'Connell Elementary in Porters Lake, NS last week. Glen volunteered to speak with the students regarding marine geology, surveying, and about some of his own personal experiences as a geologist.

After getting the students' attentions with stories of a CSR job spent searching for a UFO in Shag Harbour, Glen showed the students rock and shell samples and spoke of his experiences mapping the ocean floor. He also showed the class a multicolored bathymetry map of Porters Lake that the students could admire through 3D glasses.

Glen felt that his morning spent with the students was well worth the time away from the office. By putting the textbook science into a real world perspective, he hopes to inspire some of the students to take more interest in their scientific studies, especially at such an early age.

It's not the first time that Canadian Seabed Research employees have taken an interactive role working with students. Lucie Orlando, a marine geomatics specialist with CSR, has spent time volunteering as a role model with Techsploration over the past two years. Techsploration, is an innovative program designed to increase the number of women working in science, trades and technology through mentorships with women in these fields. Ms. Orlando speaks specifically with girls in both junior and senior high about her experience in the industry and the education and skills invaluable to her job.

The school year is quickly drawing to a close, however Mr. Gilbert is confident that Canadian Seabed Research will continue their efforts to interact with students in the future. By increasing scientific interest in today's youth, CSR is helping inspire the workforce of tomorrow's science based industries


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